Hops Flower Extract


  CAS No:6754-58-1
CB Number:CB5128899
molecular Formula: C21H22O5
molecular weight: 354.4
MOL File:6754-58-1.mo


Xanthohumol (XN) is a prenylated flavonoid found naturally in the flowering hop plant (Humulus lupulus) which is commonly used to make the alcoholic beverage known as beer. Xanthohumol is one of the major constituents of Humulus lupulus. Xanthohumol has been reported to have sedative property, Antiinvasive effect, estrogenic activity, cancer-related bioactivities, antioxidant activity, stomachic effect, antibacterial and antifungal effects in recent studies. However, the pharmacological functions of xanthohumol on platelets were not yet understood, we are interested in investigating the inhibitory effects of xanthohumol on cellular signal transduction during the process of platelet activation.

hops has an irreplaceable role in beer brewing :

1, the beer has a refreshing aroma gas, bitter and anti-corrosion ability. Aromatic hops and malt flavor give beer with subtle fragrance. Beer, coffee and tea are taste bitterness and this is the charm of these types of drinks. As a natural preservative power of hops, so it havn't adding toxic preservatives.

2, the formation of beer foam with high quality. Hops in beer foam is different from the law of oxadiazon and sparkling malt protein complexes. Good hops and malt could produce a white, delicate, rich and durable hanging cups of beer foam.

3,that is conducive to wort clarification. In the process of wort boiling , add the hops, wort protein can be precipitated complex, and thus play a role in clarifying wort,  brewed pure beer.

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 1000  Kilogram/Kilograms / Month
package 1kg/bag 25kg/drum
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