Ho Shou Wu Extract

Ho Shou Wu Extract

  Fo-Ti Root Extract Ho Shou Wu Polygonum multiflorum Phosphetides


Fo-Ti is one of the most widely used Chinese tonic herbs. Fo-Ti Root is well recognized as a rejuvenating and longevity tonic in China, where it's consumed routinely by those concerned with youthful strength and vigor. There is also evidence that Fo-Ti offers natural nutritional support for healthy cholesterol levels.





Official Latin Name: Polygonum multiflorum 
Fo-Ti is a plant native to China where it continues to be widely grown. Fo-Ti is also grown extensively in Japan and Taiwan. Traditional Chinese herbalists place great emphasis on the shape & age of the roots, with the older roots being in greater demand. The unprocessed root is sometimes used. However, once it has been boiled in a special liquid made from black beans, it is considered a superior and rather different medicine according to traditional Chinese medicine. The unprocessed root is sometimes called "White Fo-Ti", and the processed root is "Red Fo-Ti". The Chinese common name for Fo-Ti, he-shou-wu, was the name of a Tang dynasty man whose infertility was supposedly cured by Fo-Ti; in addition, his long life was attributed to the tonic properties of this herb. Since then, traditional Chinese medicine uses Fo-Ti to treat premature aging, weakness, vaginal discharges, numerous infectious diseases, angina pectoris, and impotence. All of the active constituents of Fo-Ti have yet to be determined. Fo-Ti does contain a number of glycosides that account for the herbs use as a remedy for stomach disorders and constipation. Researchers suspect that the roots may contain compounds with mild cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects. The whole root has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, according to animal and human research, as well as to decrease hardening of the arteries, or arteriosclerosis. Other Fo-Ti research has investigated this herb's role in strong immune function, red blood cell formation, and antibacterial action. The unprocessed roots possess a mild laxative effect.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: OHI000151
Brand Name: OHI

 Type Herbal

Extract Form Powder

Extraction Type Solvent Extraction

Packaging Drum

Place of Origin China (Mainland)

Grade phram

Brand Name OHI

Model Number OHI000151

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